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Toronto is in crises with a series of issues, and our politicians have been providing bandage solutions instead of addressing the underlying cause of the problems. Our politicians are process people, not results people. They waste money on hiring consultants, commissioning reports, organizing summits and in the end, little gets done.

I am a results person, and I am running for Mayor to solve Toronto’s crisis issues.

About Frank

My name is Frank D’Angelo, I was born and raised in Toronto and had an Italian immigrant family upbringing, which like most people, had its ups and downs and also made me the man I am today, for which I am thankful for. I thank the people of Toronto for accepting my father and mother with open arms when they immigrated from Italy. They raised a family here which gave us the most incredible opportunities. I have been blessed in my life to live in the greatest city in the world where I have been able to follow and live all of my dreams.

And now, at this stage of my life, I want to give back to Toronto, the city that raised me, took care of me, and made me proud to be a Canadian and a Torontonian. My goal is to ensure that Toronto is set on the right path for the future of all our citizens, and I’m committed to working night and day to achieve this, if the voters will give me that chance.

In this election, candidates will promise numerous ideas to win votes. However, all the experienced political candidates offer outdated proposals that have failed to yield results in the past. What Toronto requires are fresh creative ideas, as well as a new perspective to take the city to newer and greater heights.

I am not a professional politician. I am coming into this race as a concerned citizen, and a businessman who knows how to be a team captain that can provide innovative solutions to solve the problems facing our city.


Here are a few aspects of my platform that I believe are essential for addressing the underlying issues in our city. These measures are just a part of my overall plan to address the challenges we face.


The city’s infrastructure is in dire need of repair. Major arteries are deteriorating at an aggressive rate and fixing them will require a considerable investment of hundreds of millions of dollars. Continuously raising taxes on residents is not a sustainable solution and only adds to the burden on citizens. Additionally, thousands of non-Toronto residents use our roads without contributing to the city’s taxes, which is a problem. To address this issue, I will advocate for tolls on main arteries leading into the city for vehicles coming from outside areas to help fund infrastructure that is not the sole asset of the people of Toronto.


Ensuring the safety of our city is of utmost importance to me. To achieve this goal, I’m committed to providing our police force with the necessary resources to carry out their duties with confidence and security. Moreover, I plan to equip them with the tools and training needed to address domestic abuse and mental health incidents, fostering a safer environment for both the people of Toronto and our law enforcement personnel who keep us all safe.

It’s essential that we give our transit system a much-needed upgrade to encourage people to use it once more. We must increase ridership and make it self-sustaining, as it has been operating at a loss for far too long. Furthermore, the safety of our citizens while using the TTC must be a top priority. I pledge to tackle these concerns head on.
Climate change is an undeniable reality that we must acknowledge and adapt to in our modern world. It is my aspiration for Toronto to take the lead in this movement. The federal government has already announced that gas-powered vehicles will be banned by 2030. As Mayor, I aim to introduce a green zone as a pilot project to demonstrate that Toronto can become the environmental leader in the nation.
I‘ll address the issue of homelessness directly and implement sustainable solutions. It’s unacceptable to ignore the plight of less fortunate individuals, they deserve the same care and support as any other citizen. This problem has persisted for far too long, and I am personally committed to getting it to a much better place. I aim to start a Toronto lottery called “HOPE” with lotto receipts to be used to fund programs to help the homeless.
It’s crucial that Toronto becomes an affordable city once again. I am committed to ensuring that all Toronto citizens have access to affordable housing, so that families don’t have to move far away from their roots due to unaffordable living costs. To achieve this, I plan to facilitate the construction of more purpose-built affordable housing developments throughout the city.

I plan to invest in our youths.

It is essential that we create a safe environment for them to discover their potential, stay engaged, and create opportunities.

To achieve this, I will create youth empowerment centres across Toronto. These centres will serve as a platform to introduce our youths to skilled trades and help them find their passion.

They will also provide a safe haven and deter kids from joining gangs. By building great citizens, we can contribute to the growth of our city.

Investing in these centres will have a significant impact on our city. We will see fewer crimes, safer neighborhoods, and less need for police to patrol our communities.

These centres will produce contributing adults who will make our city proud. To make this happen, I will partner with community organizations, landlords, and corporations to open 10 centres as a start.

These centres will be located in areas with a high crime rate and will have an operational budget of $300,000 each. Investing three million dollars in our youths is a small price to pay for a big return and build a better future for our city.

Help for first time homebuyers.

I will help first time homebuyers in Toronto by implementing a property tax deferral program. Under this program, first time homebuyers will be eligible to defer 60% of their property taxes for the first five years of homeownership. This will provide much-needed relief to new homeowners who often struggle to manage the financial burden of homeownership.

To ensure sustainability of the program, the deferred taxes will become payable after the five years. However, the program will provide an opportunity for homeowners to amortize their deferred tax payments over a period of 10 years, making it easier for them to manage their finances. It will also be mandatory for homeowners to pay all deferred taxes owed to the city when the home is sold.

This policy will not only provide financial assistance to first time homebuyers but also contribute to the growth of the housing market, leading to a more prosperous and stable community.

Help for renters.

I pledge to prioritize the needs of renters and protect them from unfair renovictions. It is unacceptable for landlords to use renovations as an excuse to displace tenants and raise their rent prices.

If elected, I will take decisive action to put an end to this practice. Specifically, I will advocate for a policy that grants residents the first right of refusal on their upgraded units. This means that tenants who are displaced due to renovations will have the option to return to their units at their existing rental rate. Moreover, if residents have to be displaced due to safety concerns during renovations, the landlord needs to provide comparable accommodations for the tenants until the renovations are completed.

I understand the challenges that many renters face in finding affordable and stable housing in our city. As mayor, I am committed to ensuring that residents are able to stay in their homes and communities without fear of being pushed out by unscrupulous landlords.


Addressing the city’s $857-million deficit.

I am committed to addressing the city’s $857-million deficit without imposing additional taxes on residents.

My plan includes implementing new income streams to pay down the debt. Here are the initiatives I propose:

  • I will implement a toll on roads and bridges leading into the city during peak hours to generate additional revenue.
  • I will create a Toronto lottery called “HOPE” and use the proceeds to fund programs aimed at helping the homeless.
  • I will leverage city-owned assets by selling naming rights to parks, landmarks, and other public spaces to generate additional revenue.
  • I will sell excess city-owned land to developers and use the proceeds to pay down debt.
  • I will review current deals with ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft and create more favourable agreements for the city.
  • I will bring even more film and TV production to the city to generate additional revenue.
  • I will offer incentives for businesses to install green roofs or solar panels on their buildings and charge a fee for those that do not comply.
  • I will rent out underutilized city-owned spaces, such as parking lots or unused buildings, for events and other activities to generate additional revenue.
  • I will sell air rights over public infrastructure to developers for the construction of high-rise buildings to generate additional revenue.
  • I will charge a higher fee for parking permits in areas with high demand for parking to generate additional revenue.
  • I will sell digital advertising space on city-owned websites and social media channels to generate additional revenue.

By implementing these initiatives, I am confident that we can pay down the city’s deficit and provide residents with the services and programs they deserve without imposing higher taxes.

As mayor, I am committed to finding innovative solutions to address the city’s financial challenges and build a better Toronto for all.


Bike lanes expansion.

I plan to expand the bike lane network in Toronto to promote a greener city while acknowledging the need for winter snow routes. By creating a comprehensive network that connects key areas, including residential neighborhoods, business districts, and recreational facilities, we can encourage cycling as a sustainable mode of transportation.

While winter snow routes will be established for safety reasons, we will ensure that the majority of bike lanes remain accessible throughout the year. We will implement alternative routes and temporary measures to accommodate cyclists during winter, and dedicate resources to efficient snow removal and maintenance. Through public education, clear communication, and monitoring, we will work towards a greener Toronto that promotes active transportation and improves the quality of life for all residents.

These are just a few of the issues that I will be addressing, and there will be more to come. It’s high time City Hall becomes a beacon of hope and I plan to get to work on day one if the voters of Toronto give me that chance. I value openness and transparency, and I will always speak frankly with the citizens of Toronto.

My name is Frank D’Angelo, I am just Being Frank as I run for mayor of Toronto.


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